In the world of me, few books named with we..

With So many thoughts filled inside.
With so many books placed inside.
Innumerable pages,perfect place to inscribe..
And an inside flowing of beats and vibes..
Books! some empty some complete..
Few seems absurd, few seems deep..
Books! Some with retentions..
And some with lessons..
Unspoken words, hidden in closed pages of those..
Words, most of the time written there to fill the vacuous..
 And sometimes these Words, seems tough to dedude.
Holding heavy weights of those books, i adhere daily to you..
Since i was a schoolbag and you were too..
A bag holding a world..a world called me..
A bag holding a dream..a dream called we..

With idiosyncratic worlds, with resonating hooks,
we visited thousand of places together, Inside the pages of books,
Because Inside our bags, we lived a life together..
And outside the bags, it could be an alluring yarn forever..
A yarn which meant to be came out of our bag..
A book which meant to be get exchanged..
A dream which meant to be get completed..


And we still say, they are kids..

An innocent heart, always ready to laugh,

Without being afraid of what people will think..

A daring creature, ready to feel the drops of rain,
Without worrying about cloths to get wet.

A curious mind, ready to touch a hot pan,
To feel the hotness, without getting afraid of what is in front of him..

A crazy kid ready to run on twisted paths,
May he fall,but he knows how to laugh on himself,and then standup and again start running his race..

And we still say, they needs to learn how to live a life..


14 November,2017.
Simmy Gupta.

A journey’s make it complete..

Because travelling seems the best way to learn the journey..

Because a spoon of observations amplifies taste of experiences infinitely,
Hence I booked the ticket and went for this wayfaring.
With a drop of nervousness and handful ocean of excitements only,
I read this phrase, on the door of entry.

“Play safe! Your journey will be incomplete if you don’t come back,

with two things in your both the hands………….”

I read that in hurry with no intention to analyze.
And I entered the compartment and overlooked the crowd in a while.
To begin this initiation and for its completion,
everyone was fortified & energized.

After departure, I started playing with my ingenuity,
Binding the artistry and originality in the threads of this journey.
Outside the window, to every paradisiac beauty,
And corners of inside, to the satisfactory taste of every activity.

But when I verged to the crowd, I got satire.
I saw a grip on them of hidden desire,
Desire and ardor for extra space of other’s seat to hire.
Which turned & verged into fights and games of liers,
Games, the most contemptible dirty games one can flare.
I got shocked, I got mystify.
Why they are not satisfied with the space with which they arrive?
I was trying, trying hard to understand this toxic strife.
The reasons.
The choices.
The choice of not enjoying the ride.
The choice of not to give love and get gratify.
The choice to put people down, to let them cry.
People! yeah, those people who again gonna be a stranger after this small journey in a while.

Why the greed of extra space is being a priority for showing a fake superiority?
And What’s the use of superiority that will vanish just after reaching the destiny?
I was trying harder..really harder to understand this journey.

But one day everything got clear when I saw those needy suddenly.
And after enough space for me, I let them sit on my seat freely,

Because geekiness sometimes screams crazily,
Hence that crowd gave me a name called fool and imbecility.
But still i was happy and satisfied,
Because someday somewhere i’d read these lines,
Play safe! A journey is incomplete if i don’t have a heart which never hurts on one hand and altruistic mind on another one.”

6 november, 2017

Simmy gupta

 A place where land and sky could meet…

She has the most angelic and comely smile.

And he has all the stunningly charming vibes..
Where sky wants to reach, her wings fly that high..
And his roots are enough to shake the world in a while..
Now undoubtedly  both are emperor of their peculiar world no one can deny..
But their deepest story was hidden at the darkest site..
Site and height far far away from their peculiar world’s eyes..


Because she was a little bird learning to fly..
and he was a babyish tree yet to grow high..
She was preordained to fly in sky..
and his lower strings can never dig out to survive..
Two souls from different breed having different goals..
But common in a scrumptious pure heart with competently genuine soul..

Two innocent heart crossed their path with no spark of intention..
an intimacy walked out leaving there a blossoming  vibration..
From that day, an obsession started playing a silent game with their sensations..
Because their heart started fusing for melodic spark of satisfaction..
That gratification created their world of mesmerization..
A world now a nursery of attachments and predilection..
Where a  tree and a bird found a home for their affection..

But one day their identity knocked their door asking for authentication..
Authentication, a question for their being together..
and A mirror in hand as a reminder..
Now their own life standing against them giving a biased option as a choice..
between an extremly mature mind with logics and ignition in its eyes..
And a childish ,innocent heart which never worked on logics, on another side..
Because afraid was synonym to life..
And this time thousand death seems better than this strife..
They terrifiedly started searching  place where their world could sigh..
A place in the world meeting land and sky..
An insane and crazy search..
Even a child could say of whose results..
Leaving their soul craving on extremity of the hight..
They came out from their world holding hands of their mind..

Now years later..
She has the most angelic and comely smile..
And he has all the stunningly  charming vibes..
Where sky wants to reach, her wings fly that high..
And his roots are enough to shake the world in a while..

But somewhere in between their world around..
Somewhere in between, high sky and deep ground
The one and only who cries really hard are cloud..
Not because of pain of broken heart’s wound..
But for decoration over it for hiding every doubt.

And the world they created by sentiments and attachments..
Visitation never ever happend there again..
End every night with clouds, their eyes also heavily rain..
their craving souls still waiting for them in vain

10 October, 2017

A dream asking herself to dream again..

“Come with me”.
I can’t”.
“Just try, rest leave on me”.
“You know who i am”.
“And only i know who you are”.
“And society”?
“Yeah! They are resposible for
your condition”.
“They will not accept you with me”.
“Only You are the one i wanna get accepted by, you are my dream, my passion, a reason to live this life, not they are”.

-And hence an engineer convinced a singer in her not to loose herself.

13 september, 2017

A face facing me..

​Because strong and bold are the phrases for perfection..

Because shine and smile are the words of attraction..

Hence i smiled glaring her, but she smirked in aberration..
I wryly smiled again to confirm her intentions..
But her wierd expressions made me realize..
That now she is hard to be kept inside..
Even the mirror separating us, declined to take my side..
I got scared, i got terrified..
Because she is the one knowing me deep inside..
Because she is the one knowing all the stories behind..
Story of every scar on my heart and my mind..
And now she is bursting out of my smile..
I plead her to keep her in corner of my insight..
I begged her to bury her emotions inside..
But storm in her eyes seems unable to hold this time..
This dilemma to choose between me and my mirrored-me..
Made me unsympathetic to that height..
That i locked her in that mirror, leaving her alone to survive..
And i came out of the room with a broad smile..

  • Simmy.
  • 11th September 2017

The broken corner..

Because my new home is much more beautiful from the last one..

Because its a paradisiac and the best version of perfection..
Because every edge is splendidly furnished and beautifully designed..
The only thing missing out here is that corner, that secluded corner..
That broken corner of terrace where i was hiding myself..
Hiding myself, obscuring myself from whole of the world to sigh..
To let my soul, to let my heart burst into pearls of eyes..
That corner was the sensation that was making me to feel alive..
It was the most silent and tight hug in darkest of my night..
For now, its just a blue sky thinking,
But i have still a happy feeling..
Beacuse my new home is much beautiful than the last one.


4 September, 2017.